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Compaq 240905-021, 177624-B21 19V 3.16A replacement adapters


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Replacement for Compaq 240905-021, 177624-B21 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 3.16A (60W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black
This laptop ac adapter for
135356-004, 164854-001, 177623-B21, 177624-001, 177624-B21, 177625-001, 177626-001, 180675-001, 180676-001, 198713-001, 198714-001, 222113-001, 240905-001, 240905-021, 261867-001, 293787-001, 298237-001, 298239-001, 332280-001, ADP-60UB, PA-1600-01
This laptop ac adapter work with
Presario 12XL223, Evo N160-470020-618, Presario 12XL410, Evo N160-470020-583, Presario 1600-XL140, Evo N160-287738-201, Presario 1611, Evo N160-268363-201, Presario 1687, Evo N160-266176-BF4, Presario 1800FR, Evo N160-266176-163, Presario 18XL390, Evo N160-266175-D94, Evo N160-266175-254, Evo N160-266175-034, Evo N160-261505-A45, Presario 712AP, Evo N160-261505-075, Evo N160-252955-D94, Evo N160-252955-AC4, Presario 723RS, Evo N160-252955-224, Presario 727, Evo N160-252955-124, Presario 731EA, Evo N160-252955-027, Presario 735, Presario 1200AP, Presario 1200EA-470016-817, Presario 1200SRP-470020-366, Presario 1200T-470017-081, Presario 1205EA, Presario 1214, Evo N160-470020-684, Presario 1220ES, Evo N160-470020-668, Presario 1260, Evo N160-470020-651, Evo N160-470020-638, Presario 12XL326, Evo N160-470020-602, Presario 12XL505, Evo N160-287745-201, Presario 1600-XL151, Evo N160-268370-201, Presario 1660, Evo N160-266193-201, Presario 16XL258, Evo N160-266176-334, Presario 1825, Evo N160-266176-054, Presario 700D, Evo N160-266175-AC4, Presario 701US, Evo N160-266175-124, Presario 705EA, Evo N160-261505-BF5, Presario 711AU, Evo N160-261505-168, Evo N160-261504-372, Evo N160-252955-BF2, Presario 722, Evo N160-252955-392, Evo N160-252955-164, Presario 730JP, Evo N160-252955-062, Presario 733, Presario 737, Presario 1200-XL105, Presario 1200CA, Presario 1200SRP-470020-329, Presario 1200SRP-470020-441, Presario 1201AP, Presario 1211CA, Presario 1216EA, Evo N160-470020-675, Presario 1242, Evo N160-470020-658, Presario 12XL125, Presario 12XL300, Evo N160-470020-614, Presario 12XL423, Evo N160-470020-580, Presario 1600-XL142, Evo N160-287736-201, Presario 1621, Evo N160-268361-201, Presario 1690, Evo N160-266176-B74, Presario 1800T, Evo N160-266176-144, Presario 18XL590, Evo N160-266175-D54, Presario 701, Evo N160-266175-214, Presario 703, Evo N160-266175-009, Presario 710EA, Evo N160-261505-335, Presario 712EA, Evo N160-261505-055, Presario 717EA, Evo N160-252955-D54, Presario 721AP, Evo N160-252955-AB4, Presario 724, Evo N160-252955-214, Presario 728EA, Evo N160-252955-094, Presario 731PT, Evo N160-252955-012, Presario 735AU, Presario 1200AP-470011-847, Presario 1200LA, Presario 1200SRP-470020-390, Presario 1200TH, Presario 1207, Presario 1214FR, Evo N160-470020-682, Presario 1230, Evo N160-470020-665, Presario 1267, Evo N160-470020-649, Presario 12XL127, Evo N160-470020-632, Presario 12XL330, Evo N160-470020-594, Presario 12XL510A, Evo N160-287743-201, Presario 1600-XL153, Evo N160-268368-201, Presario 1672, Evo N160-266176-D92, Presario 1800-XL180, Evo N160-266176-254, Presario 1830, Evo N160-266176-034, Evo N160-266175-AA4, Presario 702, Evo N160-266175-084, Evo N160-261505-B75, Presario 711EA, Evo N160-261505-145, Evo N160-261504-164, Evo N160-252955-BB2, Evo N160-252955-332, Presario 725JP, Evo N160-252955-162, Presario 730TC, Evo N160-252955-052, Presario 733FR, Presario 738, Presario 1200-XL107, Presario 1200CL, Presario 1200SRP-470020-334, Presario 1200SRP-470020-449, Presario 1201EA, Presario 1211LA, Evo N160-470020-689, Presario 1216UK, Evo N160-470020-673, Presario 1246, Evo N160-470020-656, Evo N160-470020-646, Presario 12XL304, Evo N160-470020-612, Presario 12XL427, Evo N160-470020-577, Presario 1600-XL144, Evo N160-287734-201, Presario 1625, Evo N160-268359-201, Presario 1693, Evo N160-266176-AC2, Presario 1801S, Evo N160-266176-124, Evo N160-266175-BG4, Evo N160-266175-174, Presario 703JP, Evo N160-265484-B21, Presario 710TC, Evo N160-261505-255, Presario 712ZA, Evo N160-261505-035, Presario 718, Evo N160-252955-D44, Evo N160-252955-AA4, Evo N160-252955-204, Presario 729EA, Evo N160-252955-084, Presario 732, Evo N160-252955-004, Presario 735EA, Presario 1200AP-470015-558, Presario 1200SC, Presario 1200SRP-470020-404, Presario 1200Z, Presario 1210CA, Presario 1214SR, Evo N160-470020-680, Presario 1234, Evo N160-470020-663, Presario 1275, Presario 12XL201, Evo N160-470020-624, Presario 12XL401, Evo N160-470020-591, Presario 12XL527, Evo N160-287741-201, Presario 1600-XL155, Evo N160-268366-201, Presario 1680, Evo N160-266176-D54, Presario 1800-XL186, Evo N160-266176-214, Presario 18XL192, Evo N160-266176-012, Presario 700ND, Evo N160-266175-394, Presario 702EA, Evo N160-266175-064
OmniBook XE2-DB-F1764A

Wholesale & retail replacement Compaq 240905-021, 177624-B21 60W laptop ac adapters

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