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Hp 741727-001, 740015-003 19.5V 2.31A original adapters


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Original for Hp 741727-001, 740015-003 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 2.31A (45W)
  • Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm
  • Color: Black
This laptop ac adapter for
696694-001, 740015-003, 741727-001, G6H43AA, HSTNN-DA40, HSTNN-LA35
This laptop ac adapter work with
Spectre x360 13-4108tu (N8M11PA), 15-ay008nv, 14-g005au (J3Y80PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K4K83UT), 15-ay101ng, 15-d057tu (G2H26PA), Chromebook 14-q000sa (F0E93EA), 15-f019DX(J9M33UAR), Pavilion 14-n216tx (F7Q36PA), Pavilion 14-n270tx (G4W93PA), Chromebook 14-x002nd (K6C84EAR), Pavilion g6-2210tx (C7D39PA), ENVY 14-u007tx (J8B52PA), Chromebook 14-x050sa (K0Y76EA), PAVILION X360 13-C002DX, 15-ay010nt, 14-g007au (J3Y82PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K5F83AA), 15-f001XX, 15-d060tu (G2H29PA), Chromebook 14-q001er (F7T45EA), 15-f024WM(J9M24UA), Pavilion 14-n219tx (F7Q39PA), Chromebook 14-q031ea (F4V58EA), Pavilion 14-n297tx TouchSmart (J8C13PA), Chromebook 14-x003nd (K6C85EA), Notebook - 15-ac012tu (M4Y86PA), ENVY Notebook - 14-j009tx (N1W11PA), Chromebook 14-x054sa (K3G32EA), ENVY Notebook 13-d022tu (P6M31PA), 15-ay013nv, 14-g011au (J8B39PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K7C21PA), 15-f003DX(J9H21UAR), 15-d066tu (G4W96PA), Chromebook 14-q001sa (F1E96EA), 15-f027CA(J9H18UAR), Pavilion 14-n232tu (G2H18PA), Chromebook 14-q031sa (E7G22EA), Pavilion 15-n214ax (G4X06PA), Chromebook 14-x003nf (K4D69EAR), Notebook - 15-ac055tx (M9V88PA), ENVY TouchSmart 14-k044tx (F2D42PA), Chromebook 14-x055sa (K3G34EA), ENVY Notebook 13-d065tu (W0H92PA), 15-ay015ng, 14-r008tx (J2C26PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K9L33EA), 15-f004WM(J8A21UA), 15-r044tx (K5B36PA), Chromebook 14-q002sa (F1E97EA), 15-f039WM(J8X12UAR), Pavilion 14-n235tu (G2H37PA), Chromebook 14-q032sa (F6R45EA), Pavilion 15-n234tx (F7Q42PA), Chromebook 14-x004na (K3G21EA), Notebook - 15-ac114tx (N8M08PA), Chromebook 14-q008tu (G0A10PA), Chromebook 14-x094nf (M3Y59EA), Chromebook 14-x097nf (M3Y62EA), ENVY Notebook 15-ae117tx (P6M32PA), 15-ay017nx, 14-r014tu (J2C84PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (L3Q05EA), 15-f008CL(J9H19UAR), 15-r057tu (J8B34PA), Chromebook 14-q004sa (F1W28EA), 15-f059WM(J8X13UA), Pavilion 14-n246tx (G2H39PA), Chromebook 14-q051na (J1Y92EA), Pavilion 15-n236tx (F7Q44PA), Chromebook 14-x004nd (K6C86EAR), Notebook - 15-af116au (P3U45PA), Pavilion x360 11-k020tu (M4X82PA), Pavilion x360 11-k111tu (P3U48PA), 14-d011tx (G2F97PA), ENVY Notebook 15-k227tx (L1L73PA), 15-ay020ng, 14-r016tu (J3Z56PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (L8A21ES), 15-f009WM(J2V78UA), 15-r060tu (J8B42PA), 15-f085WM(J2X73UAR), Pavilion 14-n249tx TouchSmart (G2F92PA), Chromebook 14-q055no (J3T79EA), Pavilion 15-n267tx (G2G21PA), Chromebook 14-x006na (K3G23EA), Notebook - 15-ay075tx (X5P78PA), Pavilion x360 11-k151tu (W0H81PA), Chromebook 11-N041TU, 14-d013tx (G8D47PA), 14-r029tx (J8C66PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (L8D58UA), 15-f009WM(J2W03ASR), 2000-2213TU (D4A86PA), Chromebook 14-q011sa (F8R69EA), 15-f098NR(J9M30UA), Pavilion 14-n252tx (G2G15PA), Chromebook 14-q072no (J5A54EA), Pavilion 15-n270tx (G4W16PA), Chromebook 14-x011nf (M1K65EA), Notebook - 15-r216tx (L1L62PA), Pavilion x360 11-n015tu, Notebook 15-AF163AU, 14-d042tu (G2H38PA), Chromebook 14 G1 (H6Q29EA), 15-ay024na, 14-r065tu (K2P10PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (M1V26PA), 15-f010WM(J8A22UA), Pavilion 11-h010tu x2 PC (F4A33PA), Chromebook 14-q013sa (F8R71EA), 15-f200, Pavilion 14-n255tx (G2G18PA), Pavilion 15-n278tx (G4X01PA), Chromebook 14-x014nf (M1L68EA), Notebook - 15-r232tu (L1L65PA), Pavilion 15-ab257tx, 15-ay001nv, 14-d045tu (G2F93PA), 15-ay037ng, 14-r068tu (K5B66PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (N3C98UC), 15-f011NR(J9M34UAR), Pavilion 14-e002tx (D9H93PA), Pavilion 14-n258tx (G4W20PA), Chromebook 14-x000no (K4C99EA), Pavilion g4-2308tx (D4B11PA), Chromebook 14-x020na (L0M57EA), 15-ay006nv, 14-d049tu (G4W98PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K4K11UA), 15-ay043ng, 15-d009tx (G4W95PA), Chromebook 14-q000ea (F0E92EA), 15-f018CA(J9M31UA), Pavilion 14-n001tx (F0B80PA), Chromebook 14-q030ea (F6R43EA), Pavilion 14-n264tx (G4W57PA), Chromebook 14-x001nd (K1G90EAR), Pavilion g4-2311tx (D4B14PA), Chromebook 14-x023na (L0M58EAR), Spectre x360 13-4141tu (W0H72PA), 15-ay007nx, 14-d104tx (G4W60PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K4K78UA), 15-ay046ng, 15-d055tu (G2H24PA), Chromebook 14-q000er (F7T44EA), 15-f018DX(J9M32UAR), Pavilion 14-n207ax (G2G10PA), Chromebook 14-q030eo (F4V46EA), Pavilion 14-n268tx (G4W91PA), Chromebook 14-x001no (K6Z47EAR), Pavilion g6-2131tx (B9K47PA), ENVY 14-k020tx (E4W87PA), Chromebook 14-x050na (K0Y75EA), Spectre x360 13-4109tu (N8M12PA), 15-ay009nt, 14-g005ax (J8B72PA), Chromebook 14 G3 (K4M13LA), 15-ay116ng, 15-d058tu (G2H27PA), Chromebook 14-q000sf (F5B23EA), 15-f023WM(J9M28UA), Pavilion 14-n217tx (F7Q37PA), Chromebook 14-q030sa (E7G21EA), Pavilion 14-n271tx (G4W94PA)

Wholesale & retail original Hp 741727-001, 740015-003 45W laptop ac adapters

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