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Fsp FSP065-REBN2 19V 3.42A original adapters


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Original for Fsp FSP065-REBN2 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 3.42A (65W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: black
This laptop ac adapter for
This laptop ac adapter work with
Akoya E7227, Akoya FSP065-ASC, Akoya E5312, Akoya E7411(MD99269 MSN 30018949), Akoya E7416(MD99460 MSN 30019222), Akoya E7419(MD 60260 MSN 30021416), Akoya E7420(MD 99830 MSN 30020532), Akoya E7417, Akoya P2004, Akoya E6647, Akoya E7411(MD99267 MSN 30018929), Akoya E7415T(MD 99294), Akoya E7416T(MD99490 MSN 30018201), Akoya E7419(MD 99849 MSN 30020328), Akoya 40022941, Akoya E5410, Akoya E7415(MD 60181 MSN 30021162), Akoya E7416(MD99554 MSN 30018774), Akoya E7419(MD 60443 MSN 30022206), Akoya E7420(MD 99830 MSN 30020534), Akoya P2010, Akoya E7221, Akoya E7411(MD99269 MSN 30018944), Akoya E7416(MD99371 MSN 30019203), Akoya E7416T(MD99490 MSN 30018203), Akoya E7419(MD 99853 MSN 30020319), Akoya E6417 MD 99252, Akoya E7411, Akoya E1002, Akoya E6201, Akoya E6412T, Akoya E7415(MD 99151 MSN 30019827), Akoya E7416(MD99554 MSN 30018776), Akoya E7419(MD 61047 MSN 30024409), Akoya E7420(MD 99890 MSN 30022316), Akoya S6425, Akoya S1211 S1212, Akoya E1221, Akoya E7411(MD99269 MSN 30018946), Akoya E7416(MD99460 MSN 30018186), Akoya E7419(MD 60090 MSN 30020867), Akoya E7419(MD 99853 MSN 30020371), Akoya E6415(MD 99254 MSN 30018901), Akoya E5003, Akoya E6211, MD99450, Akoya E7415(MD 99154 MSN 30019830), Akoya E7416T(MD99377 MSN 30019193), Akoya E7419(MD 60827 MSN 30023383), Akoya E7424, Akoya S6611T, Akoya FSP065-RAC, Akoya E1313, Akoya E7411(MD99269 MSN 30018948), Akoya E7416(MD99460 MSN 30018188), Akoya E7419(MD 60260 MSN 30021415), Akoya E7420 Akoya E7420(MD 99710 MSN 30019877), Akoya S5610, Akoya E7416T, Akoya P2002, Akoya E6440, Akoya E7415(MD 99902), Akoya E7416T(MD99490 MSN 30018200), Akoya E7419(MD 99848 MSN 30020327), Akoya E6417 MD 99248 MD 99252, Akoya E7227T, Akoya FSP065-RHC, Akoya E5313, Akoya E7415(MD 60179 MSN 30021161), Akoya E7416(MD99460 MSN 30019223), Akoya E7419(MD 60260 MSN 30021417), Akoya E7420(MD 99830 MSN 30020533), Akoya P2006, Akoya E6648, Akoya E7411(MD99268 MSN 30018942), Akoya E7416(30019203), Akoya E7416T(MD99490 MSN 30018202), Akoya E7419(MD 99852 MSN 30020318), Akoya E6417 MD 99248, Akoya E1001, Akoya E5411, Akoya E7415(MD 99151 MSN 30018396), Akoya E7416(MD99554 MSN 30018775), Akoya E7419(MD 60628 MSN 30022883), Akoya E7420(MD 99830 MSN 30021601), Akoya S1210, Akoya P2011, Akoya E7222, Akoya E7411(MD99269 MSN 30018945), Akoya E7416(MD99460 MSN 30018185), Akoya E7419(MD 60025 MSN 30020680), Akoya E7419(MD 99853 MSN 30020370), Akoya E5001, Akoya E6210, MD 99313, Akoya E7415(MD 99154 MSN 30018584), Akoya E7416(MD99585 MSN 30019052), Akoya E7419(MD 60631 MSN 30022870), Akoya E7420-MD99710, Akoya S6512, Akoya S1213 S6615, Akoya E1222, Akoya E7411(MD99269 MSN 30018947), Akoya E7416(MD99460 MSN 30018187), Akoya E7419(MD 60129 MSN 30020836), Akoya E7419(MSN 30025679), Akoya S5218, Akoya P2001, Akoya E6218, Akoya E6411 Serie, Akoya E7415(MD 99487 MSN 30019375), Akoya E7416T(MD99460 MSN 30018189), Akoya E7419(MD 61048 MSN 30024634), Akoya E7424(MD 60716 MSN 30023103), Akoya E7228, Akoya E6418, Akoya S3409, Akoya E7228T, Akoya S4611, Akoya E6424, Akoya E7225, Akoya E1318T, Akoya S6211T, Akoya E7415T, Akoya E7226, Akoya E7420, Akoya S6212T, Akoya S5611, Akoya S5612, Akoya E7419, Akoya E7415, Akoya E7416, Akoya E6417, Akoya E6421, Akoya E6415, Akoya S4613, Akoya E6411, Akoya S4216

Wholesale & retail original Fsp FSP065-REBN2 65W laptop ac adapters

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