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Fujitsu ADP-65JH AB, 0225A2040 19V 3.42A original adapters


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Original for Fujitsu ADP-65JH AB, 0225A2040 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V
  • Output Current: 3.42A (65W)
  • Connector: 5.5mm*2.5mm
  • Color: Black
This laptop ac adapter for
15Z02545B, 16Y02431C, 1959075205, A11-065N5A, A13-065N2A, A13-065N3A, ADP-65JH AB, ADP-65JH ABZ, ADP-65JH E ADP91, ADP-65MD B, ADP-65YH A, ADP-65YH B, CP500581-01, CP500585-02, CP500626-01, CP500631-01, CP742956-02, FMV-AC332, FMV-AC332A, FMV-AC334, FMV-AC341B, FMV-AC341W, FMVAC332A, FPCAC002AI, FPCAC002Z, FPCAC003, FPCAC004, FPCAC004C-C, FPCAC157, FPCAC186, PFCAC002Z, PXW1934N
0225A2040, 02K6900, 0712A1965, 11J8627, 40Y7696, 40Y7700, 40Y7704, 40Y7708, 40Y7710, 41R4322, 41R4326, 41R4327, 41R4332, 41R4336, 41R4338, 41R4515, 41R4516, 41R4519, 41R4520, 41R4521, 41R4523, 41R4524, 41R4525, 41R4526, 42T4457, 42T4458, 42T4459, 42T4465, 45J7717, ADP-65CH A, ADP-65YB B, ADP-90RH B
This laptop ac adapter work with
LifeBook A544-A5440M75A2GB, LifeBook A555-A5550MPH31DE, E7540MXP11DE, LifeBook AH564(M7512DE), LifeBook U729(VFY U7290MP580DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MPH03DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP584DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MPH02DE), LifeBook A532(M2501DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MP555DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH24DE, LifeBook A514-A5140M43BONC, LifeBook A544-A5440M2501DE, LifeBook A555-A5550M45AOFR, Lifebook A557-A5570MP502DE), Stylistic Q66, LifeBook U554 M7501GB, CELCIUS E743, LifeBook U7310, LifeBook U745(VFY U7450M752BDE), LifeBook A544(M75A2GB), LifeBook T-4010 WB1, LifeBook U937-P580DE, LifeBook A531(VFY A5310MP431), LifeBook U9310X, LifeBook A512(M4311DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MPH11DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH68DE, LifeBook A514-A5140M53S5HU, LifeBook A555 GFX-A5550M75BODE, LifeBook A555-P80JDE-A5550MP80JDE, LifeBook AH564(M75A1FR), LifeBook U729X(VFY U729XMP590DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MP590DE), LifeBook A544(M13A1DE), LifeBook U749(VFY U7490MP590DE), LifeBook A556, LifeBook AH544(M63A2CZ), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M430CCZ), Lifebook A357-A3570MP590DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH61DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M7321NC, Amilo Pro V2045, LifeBook A555-A5550M732ODE, Lifebook E733-0MXP41DE, Lifebook A557-A5570MPF52DE), LifeBook U554 M85A1CZ, STYLISTIC UH552STY, Lifebook U7310(VFY U7310MC5AMDE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP581DE), LifeBook A555-P80JDE, Lifebook T726(S26391-K447-V100), LifeBook A531(VFY A5310MP403DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MP333DE, LifeBook A512(VFY A5120M32B5DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MPH15DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH70DE, LifeBook A514-A5140M730ODE, LifeBook A555 GFX-A5550MP102DE, Lifebook A557-A5570MP000DE), LifeBook AH564(M7712GB), Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC7EMDE), LifeBook U745(VFY U7450M451BDE), LifeBook A544(M7321NC), Lifebook U749(VFY U7490MP780D), LifeBook A556(VFY A5560M854ODE), LifeBook AH544(VFY AH544M15A1DE), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M430CGB), Lifebook A357-A3570MPH01DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH63DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M7501FR, Amilo Pro V2065, LifeBook A555-A5550M750ODE, DSDJ003107, LifeBook U554 M73A5RU, Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MP760DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP582DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MPF52DE), LifeBook A532(M45A1DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MP380DE, LifeBook A512(VFY A5120M13A7DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MPH21DE, LifeBook A514-A5140M430CCZ, LifeBook A514-A5140M73AODE, LifeBook A555-A5550M454ODE, Lifebook A557-A5570MP002DE), U9040MXPB1DE, LifeBook U554 M73B5RU, Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC5CMDE), LifeBook U745(VFY U7450M65SBDE), LifeBook A544(M7501FR), Lifebook U749(VFY U7490MP581DE), LifeBook A556(VFY A5560MP15JDE), LifeBook AH544/G32, LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M53S5HU), Lifebook A357-A3570MPH03DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH65DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M75A1NC, LifeBook A555-A5550MP101DE, Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE, LifeBook AH544-AH544M63A2CZ, LifeBook U729(PN S26391-K486-V100), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MP780DE), LifeBook U904-0M75A1DE, Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP780DE), Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MP003DE), A557, LifeBook A532(M25A1DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MP502DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH23DE, LifeBook A514-A5140M430ODE, LifeBook A544-A5440M15B7DE, Amilo Pro V2000, LifeBook A555-A5550M45AODE, Lifebook A557-A5570MP500DE), LifeBook U554 M85A2RU, CELCIUS E733, Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC5AMDE), LifeBook U745(VFY U7450M73ABDE), LifeBook A544(M75A1NC), LifeBook A556(VFY A5560M856ODE), LifeBook U7410, LifeBook A512(M3311DE), Lifebook A357-A3570MPH06DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH67DE, LifeBook A544-A5440M87A5RU, LifeBook A555-A555M45AODE, LifeBook AH564(M75A1BE), LifeBook U729X, Lifebook U747(VFY U7476MP581DE), LifeBook U749, Lifebook A557(VFY A5570MP500DE), LifeBook A514(VFY A5140M430ODE), Lifebook A357-A3570MP580DE, Lifebook A357-A3570MPH60DE, LifeBook A514-A5140M53A5PL, LifeBook A544-A5440M2511DE, LifeBook A555-A5550M730ODE, Lifebook A557-A5570MP580DE), LifeBook U554 M85A1GB, STYLISTIC U772
IDEAPAD U330-2267-2BU
Extensa 368T

Wholesale & retail original Fujitsu ADP-65JH AB, 0225A2040 65W laptop ac adapters

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