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Hp 917677-003, TPN-CA11 19.5V 7.7A original adapters


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Original for Hp 917677-003, TPN-CA11 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 19.5V
  • Output Current: 7.7A (150W)
  • Connector: 4.5mm*3.0mm
  • Color: BLACK
This laptop ac adapter for
4SC18UT, 917649-001, 917649-850, 917677-001, 917677-003, L48757-001, L48757-003, PA-1151-08HT, TPN-CA11, TPN-DA09, W2F74AA
This laptop ac adapter work with
ZBook Studio G3-V8N18PA, ZBook Studio G3-1KH69US, ZBook Studio G3-W5J55US, ELITEBOOK 1050 G1(4PJ11PC), Pavilion Power 15-CB004NS, pavilion 15-CB008NT, ZBook Studio G3-3WF57US, Pavilion Power 15-CB029UR, ZBook Studio G3(W2Y22PA), ZHAN 99 G1-7ZU20PA, ZBook Studio G3-2RJ67PC, ZBook Studio G3-W6F74US, Spectre x360 15-CH007NA, Pavilion Power 15-CB003NF, Pavilion 15-CB532TX, ZBook Studio G3-3WP18US, Pavilion Power 15-CB024TX, ZBook 17 G3(W4R14UC), ZHAN 99 G1-4RV63PA, ZBook Studio G3-2DR17US, ZBook Studio G3-W8C60USR, Pavilion Power 15-CB530TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB001NX, Pavilion 15-CB516TX, ZBook Studio G3-5QA16US, Pavilion Power 15-CB021NM, EliteBook 1050 G1-7QU16US, ZBook Studio G3-Z8M23UP, ZBook Studio G3-W9G85US, Pavilion Power 15-CB511TX, Spectre X360 15-CH015ND, Pavilion 15-CB500TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB018NF, ZBook 15 G3(X8W08PA), EliteBook 1050 G1-8AH72US, ZBook Studio G3-T7V40ES, ZBook Studio G3-X0E80US, ZBook Studio G3-1BC45US, Pavilion Power 15-CB095TX, Spectre X360 15-CH004NL, Pavilion 15-CB084TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB015NS, ZBook 15 G3(V2C99AW), EliteBook 1050 G1-7LZ48US, ZBook Studio G3-V8H66US, ZBook Studio G3-X9N54US, ZBook Studio G3-Y6J50EA, Pavilion Power 15-CB080TX, Spectre X360 15-CH000NA, Pavilion 15-CB069TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB013TX, ZBook 15 G3(1BA91UP), EliteBook 1050 G1-7PD92US, ZBook Studio G3-X9M15US, ZBook Studio G3-Y0D49UP, ZBook Studio G3-1BH74US, Pavilion Power 15-CB065ND, Spectre x360 15-ch004na, Pavilion 15-CB054TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB011NU, EliteBook 1050 G1-7KN99ES, ZBook Studio G3-V8H37US, ZBook Studio G3-Y9G16US, ZBook Studio G3-Y4S46PA, Pavilion Power 15-CB054TX, Pavilion 15-cb070ng, Pavilion 15-CB041TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB009NW, Pavilion Power 15-cb033ns, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY74EA, ZBook Studio G3-T7W08EA, ZBook Studio G3-Z3T51US, ZBook Studio G3-1FP52UC, Pavilion Power 15-CB042NR, Pavilion 15-CB027TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB007TX, EliteBook 1050 G1-5ZY69US, ZBook Studio G3-5JH40UP, Pavilion Power 15-CB039NS, ZBook Studio G5(2YN58AV), ZBook Studio G3-1BR11UP, ZBook Studio G3-1LM46US, Pavilion 15-CB012TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB006NL, EliteBook 1050 G1-4QY14EA, ZBook Studio G3-4KN22U8, Pavilion Power 15-CB032UR, ZBook Studio G4(2WN18PA), Pavilion 15-CB002LA, Pavilion Power 15-CB005NG, ZBook Studio x360 G5 2ZC63EA, ZBook Studio G3-2QR87UP, Pavilion Power 15-CB030TX, ZBook Studio G3(X3X15AW), ZHAN 99 G1-7ZU64PA, ZBook Studio G3-1VU06US, ZBook Studio G3-W5L39US, GAMING 15-CB010NT, Pavilion Power 15-CB003NX, Pavilion 15-CB539TX, ZBook Studio G3-3MF80UC, Pavilion Power 15-CB026TX, ZBook 17 G3(X1W49UP), ZHAN 99 G1-4SA56PA, ZBook Studio G3-Z6N56US, ZBook Studio G3-W6H84US, Spectre X360 15-CH012TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB002NO, Pavilion 15-CB523TX, ZBook Studio G3-3TU87US, Pavilion Power 15-CB023NA, ZBook 15u G4(X7S66AV), ZHAN 99 G1-4RV75PA, ZBook Studio G3-1MS52US, ZBook Studio G3-W8G28UP, Pavilion Power 15-CB518TX, Spectre X360 15-CH070NZ, Pavilion 15-CB507TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB019UR, ZBook 15 G3(Z9Q01UP), EliteBook 1050 G1-5XY67US, ZBook Studio G3-V8N15PA, ZBook Studio G3-X0D20US, ZBook Studio G3-Z3T50US, Pavilion Power 15-CB502TX, Spectre X360 15-CH007NF, Pavilion 15-CB091TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB017NB, ZBook 15 G3(W8F71UP), EliteBook 1050 G1-5DB08EP, ZBook Studio G3-V2W16LT, ZBook Studio G3-X9L61US, ZBook Studio G3-1TS30US, Pavilion Power 15-CB086TX, Spectre X360 15-CH001UR, Pavilion 15-CB077NR, Pavilion Power 15-CB014NM, ZBook 15 G3(1VK96UP), EliteBook 1050 G1-5KL43US, ZBook Studio G3-Y1Y09US, ZBook Studio G3-X9T82UT, ZBook Studio G3-Z6N06US, Pavilion Power 15-CB071NR, EliteBook 1050 G1 3ZH17EA, Pavilion 15-CB060TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB012NW, Spectre x360 15-ch001ng, EliteBook 1050 G1-5JV07US, ZBook Studio G3-V8H29US, ZBook Studio G3-Y1Z65UP, ZBook Studio G3-1GF00US, Pavilion Power 15-CB060NA, ZBook Studio G3(T7W02ET), Pavilion 15-CB046WM, Pavilion Power 15-CB010NR, EliteBook 1050 G1-5LA50US, ZBook Studio G3-Y4V74US, ZBook Studio G3-1BR03UP, ZBook Studio G3-1BH98UP, Pavilion Power 15-CB046TX, Pavilion 15-CB034TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB008TX, ZBook Studio G3(V8N24PA), EliteBook 1050 G1-4NC54UT, ZBook Studio G3-Z2A40UT, Pavilion 15-cb002ng, ZBook Studio G3-1DX22UP, ZBook Studio G3-Z8L87US, Pavilion 15-CB019TX, Pavilion Power 15-CB007NC, EliteBook 1050 G1-5HE70PT, ZBook Studio G3-3VU31US, Pavilion Power 15-CB035NG, ZBook Studio G4(X5E48AV), ZBook Studio G3-V8N14PA, ZBook Studio G3-Z3N24UC
Extensa 3100

Wholesale & retail original Hp 917677-003, TPN-CA11 150W laptop ac adapters

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