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Lenovo PA65 20V 3.25A original adapters


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Original for Lenovo PA65 laptop ac adapters

  • Input Voltage: 100V-240V 50/60hz
  • Output Voltage: 20V
  • Output Current: 3.25A (65W)
  • Connector: USB-C
  • Color:
This laptop ac adapter for
This laptop ac adapter work with
ThinkPad T490 20N3S5L900, ThinkPad T480 20L5S0B700, ThinkPad X390 20Q1SCHX00, ThinkPad T580 20L9S0RG00, ThinkPad T580(20L90022MZ), ThinkPad X390 20Q0S06P00, ThinkPad T490 20N3S74323, ThinkPad T480 20L5S1DR00, ThinkPad X390 Yoga-20NN002AMH, ThinkPad T580 20L9S00600, ThinkPad T580 20LAS6P700, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S3JV01, ThinkPad T490 20N3S8YP00, ThinkPad T480 20L5S20300, ThinkPad T490 20N2000KHV, ThinkPad T580 20L9002GMX, ThinkPad T580 20LAS4VT05, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S70G1M, ThinkPad T490 20N3SDCY00, ThinkPad T480 20L6001KSG, ThinkPad T490 20N20049TX, ThinkPad T580 20L90022MH, ThinkPad T580 20LAS3QL00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXA00UAU, ThinkPad T480 20L6S04J0T, ThinkPad T490 20N20068US, ThinkPad T480 20L50000MD, ThinkPad T580 20L9001YHV, ThinkPad T580 20LAS2W700, ThinkPad T490s-20NY0015AU, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0HH1K, ThinkPad T490 20N2006NUS, ThinkPad T480 20L50005HV, ThinkPad T580 20L9001LUS, ThinkPad T580 20LAS2CF00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2G207, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0YB00, ThinkPad T490 20N2A004CD, ThinkPad T480 20L5000RUE, ThinkPad T580 20L90019US, ThinkPad T580 20LAS1QL00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS4PV07, ThinkPad T480 20L6S1F100, ThinkPad T490 20N2A040NZ, ThinkPad T480 20L50013US, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4NJ00, ThinkPad T580 20LAS12K07, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS7K917, ThinkPad T480 20L6S21L1E, ThinkPad T490 20N2S2S800, ThinkPad T480 20L5004DAU, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4AF09, ThinkPad T580 20LAS0BN00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS9CB00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S2A407, ThinkPad T480 20L6S3MD01, ThinkPad T490 20N3S3R910, ThinkPad T480 20L5A033AU, ThinkPad T580 20L9S21F00, ThinkPad T580-20L90020GE, ThinkPad X390 20Q0A027CD, ThinkPad T480 20L6S1FV0T, ThinkPad T580 20L9S1JS00, ThinkPad T580(20L9A00JCD), ThinkPad X390 20Q0S04D00, ThinkPad T490 20N3S6AH00, ThinkPad T480 20L5S0Q900, ThinkPad X390 Yoga(20NNA006CD), ThinkPad T580 20L9S07P00, ThinkPad T580 20LAS7QF00, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S1WF04, ThinkPad T490 20N3S8800L, ThinkPad T480 20L5S1LQ00, ThinkPad T490 20N20006UE, ThinkPad T580 20L90041US, ThinkPad T580 20LAS58H00, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S4X21V, ThinkPad T490 20N3SADR06, ThinkPad T480 20L5S2C100, ThinkPad T490 20N2001ACD, ThinkPad T580 20L90025UK, ThinkPad T580 20LAS48P00, ThinkPad T490 20N3SG7Y00, ThinkPad T480 20L6A0M9AU, ThinkPad T490 20N20060UK, ThinkPad T580 20L9001YUK, ThinkPad T580 20LAS35M00, ThinkPad T490s-20NXS0HY00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0D600, ThinkPad T490 20N2006HPB, ThinkPad T480 20L50004IX, ThinkPad T580 20L9001QCA, ThinkPad T580 20LAS2QG00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS1P600, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0T30A, ThinkPad T490 20N20070CA, ThinkPad T480 20L5000ASP, ThinkPad T580 20L9001FCA, ThinkPad T580 20LAS1VW07, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS4CN00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S17J0Y, ThinkPad T490 20N2A03KAU, ThinkPad T480 20L5000WUS, ThinkPad T580 20LAS1AV00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS6TP, ThinkPad T480 20L6S1W00D, ThinkPad T490 20N2S10T00, ThinkPad T480 20L5001BUS, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4FM00, ThinkPad T580 20LAS0Q70D, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS8QT00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S29E06, ThinkPad T490 20N3S37D1B, ThinkPad T480 20L50056MB, ThinkPad T580 20LA0023MX, ThinkPad T580-20LAS01H00, ThinkPad X390 20Q0A00CCD, ThinkPad T480 20L6S32G00, ThinkPad T490 20N3S4U000, ThinkPad T480 20L5S02Y00, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S94E00, ThinkPad T490 20N3S5LQ3N, ThinkPad T480 20L5S0GK00, ThinkPad X390 20SCCTO1WW, ThinkPad T580 20L9S0NJ00, ThinkPad T580(20L9000JCD), ThinkPad X390 20Q0S0YT00, ThinkPad T490 20N3S7760U, ThinkPad T480 20L5S1JX00, ThinkPad X390 Yoga-20NN002NUK, ThinkPad T580 20L9CTO1WW, ThinkPad T580 20LAS68J00, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S3UG2F, ThinkPad T490 20N3S9AW00, ThinkPad T480 20L5S22D00, ThinkPad T490 20N2000LFR, ThinkPad T580 20L9002GMH, ThinkPad T580 20LAS4JK00, ThinkPad X390 20Q1S87300, ThinkPad T490 20N3SEDE0T, ThinkPad T480 20L6002CMD, ThinkPad T490 20N2004HAD, ThinkPad T580 20L90022MD, ThinkPad T580 20LAS3NJ0T, ThinkPad T490s-20NXA016AU, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0770J, ThinkPad T490 20N2006AUK, ThinkPad T480 20L50000ML, ThinkPad T580 20L9001VCA, ThinkPad T580 20LAS2VJ00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS0J0A, ThinkPad T480 20L6S0NB00, ThinkPad T490 20N2006QUS, ThinkPad T480 20L5000AFR, ThinkPad T580 20L9001KUS, ThinkPad T580 20LAS27900, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS2T01, ThinkPad T480 20L6S11Y00, ThinkPad T490 20N2A006CD, ThinkPad T480 20L5000SFE, ThinkPad T580 20L90018US, ThinkPad T580 20LAS1KA1Y, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS57M00, ThinkPad T480 20L6S1F200, ThinkPad T490 20N2S05Q00, ThinkPad T480 20L50015US, ThinkPad T480 20L6S4L500, ThinkPad T580 20LAS0UV00, ThinkPad T490s-20NYS8300, ThinkPad T480 20L6S23100, ThinkPad T490 20N3S0TB17, ThinkPad T480 20L5004SHV

Wholesale & retail original Lenovo PA65 65W laptop ac adapters

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