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Fujitsu FPCBP531, FPB0338S 14.4V 3490mAh original batteries


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Original for Fujitsu FPCBP531, FPB0338S laptop batteries

  • Battery rating: 14.4V
  • Battery capacity: 3490mAh (51Wh)
  • Battery cells: 4-cell
  • Type: rechargeable Li-ion original battery
  • Battery color: Black
  • Policy: uses the highest quality battery cells, brand new, one year warranty.
This laptop battery for
CP721834-01, CP734928-01, FMVNBP247, FMVNBP248, FPB0338S, FPBO338S, FPCBP529, FPCBP529AP, FPCBP531, FPCBP531AP, PFB0338S
This laptop battery work with
LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511M17BMNL), LifeBook T939(VFY T9390MP790DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480M35SOIT), LifeBook E458-E4580M351OGB, LifeBook E559(VFY E5590M271FNL), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP781DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7476M25SBNC), Lifebook E459-E4590M450SIT, LifeBook E559(VFY E5590MP590CH), Lifebook U758(VFY U7580MP584DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M0002RU), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M47SBES), LifeBook T939(VFY T9390M170TIT), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MR5AMDE, Lifebook T938(VFY T9380M0002RU), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M151FFR), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M15A0DE, Lifebook T937(VFY T9370M25SBNL), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5JNNC, Lifebook E4411 VFY E4411MF5AMNL, Lifebook E558 E5580M252FFR, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M35TBNL, LifeBook E5410(VFY E5410M17A1PT), U7470MP590DE, Lifebook E558 E5580M4511NL, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570MP760CH, LifeBook E5411(VFY E5411MF5CMES), Lifebook U749(VFY U7490M131SIT), Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M45SOIT, LifeBook E5510(VFY E5510MC5DMDE), LifeBook E458-E4580MP780DE, Lifebook U749(VFY U7490MP780DE), Lifebook E449-E4490M350SPT, LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511MF5CMDE), Lifebook E558(VFY E5580MP580DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP582CH), LifeBook E458-E4580MP580CH, LifeBook E458-E4580M33SONC, LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511M15AMGB), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MPH03DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M0031FR), Lifebook E459-E4590M470SBE, LifeBook E559(VFY E5590M271FLU), Lifebook U757(VFY U7570MP780DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M471PGB), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M35SOIT), LifeBook E559(VFY E5590M451SNC), LifeBook U7510(VFY U7510MC5CMDE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M45SOIT), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M171SNC), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M0008RU, Lifebook T938(VFY T9380M4511BE), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M470SIT), Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC5DMDE), Lifebook T937(VFY T9370M47BPGB), Lifebook E558 E5580MP582CH, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M15A0IT, Lifebook E4511(VFY E4511MF5CMPT), Lifebook E558 E5580M45SOES, Lifebook U757 VFY U7576M25SBNC, LifeBook E5411(VFY E5411MF5BMDE), U7480MP780DE, Lifebook E558 E5580M35ROGB, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M45ABHU, LifeBook E5411(VFY E5411M15AMGB), Lifebook E449-E4490MP580DE, Lifebook U749(VFY U7490MP590CH), LifeBook E448-E4480M35SOIT, LifeBook E5510(VFY E5510M0055FR), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480MP581DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480M271FPT), Lifebook E449-E4490M330SGB, LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511MF5AMDE), LifeBook E559(VFY E5590MP590DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP761CH), LifeBook E458-E4580M45SOES, LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511MF7CMES), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M452BGB), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480M35TOIT), LifeBook E458-E4580M35SOBE, LifeBook E559(VFY E5590M271HES), LifeBook U749(VFY U7490MP590DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MP580CH), Lifebook E459-E4590M350SNC, LifeBook E559(VFY E5590MP581CH), Lifebook U758(VFY U7580MP782DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M47ABHU), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M251FFR), LifeBook T939(VFY T9390MP590CH), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MR7FMDE, Lifebook T938(VFY T9380MP580CH), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490MP581CH), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M17A0NL, Lifebook T937(VFY T9370M45SBNC), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410MC5KNNC, Lifebook E4411 VFY E4411MF5CMGB, Lifebook E558 E5580MP580DE, Lifebook E558 E5580MP790CH, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M0029FR, LifeBook E5410(VFY E5410MC5AMDE), U7470MP780DE, Lifebook E558 E5580M35SOIT, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M17TPIT, LifeBook E5411(VFY E5411MF7AMES), Lifebook U749(VFY U7490M171FPT), LifeBook E448-E4480M35SOPT, LifeBook E5510(VFY E5510MC7BMDE), Lifebook E459, Lifebook U749(VFY U7490M430SIT), Lifebook E449-E4490M470SGB, LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511MF7AMDE), Lifebook E558(VFY E5580MP584DE), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480M47SBES), LifeBook E458-E4580M35TOIT, LifeBook E5511(VFY E5511MF7AMLU), Lifebook U748(VFY U7480MP580DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470MP761CH), Lifebook E459-E4590M471SLU, LifeBook E559(VFY E5590M0001RU), Lifebook U757(VFY U7576MP581DE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7470M0024SE), Lifebook E548(VFY E5480M4311NL), LifeBook E559(VFY E5590M470SIT), LifeBook U7510(VFY U7510MC5BMDE), Lifebook U747(VFY U7570M47SPIT), Lifebook E549(VFY E5490M252HES), LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M0010FR, Lifebook T938(VFY T9380M4511IT), Lifebook E558 E5580M251FPT, Lifebook U7410(VFY U7410MC5CMDE), Lifebook T937(VFY T9370M45ABIT), Lifebook E558 E5580M251FNL, LIFEBOOK U7410 VFY U7410M451FGB, Lifebook E4511(VFY E4511MF5AMDE), U7570MP590DE, Lifebook E558 E5580MP590DE, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M25PBNL, LifeBook E5411(VFY E5411MF5CMDE), Lifebook E558 E5580M37SBBE, Lifebook U757 VFY U7570M472PBE

Wholesale & retail Fujitsu FPCBP531, FPB0338S 51Wh rechargeable 4-cell Li-ion laptop batteries

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